Chicago at San Francisco -4
Jacksonville at NY Jets -6
Denver at Washington +6.5
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh -6.5
Buffalo at Tennessee -5.5
Detroit at Minnesota -16
New Orleans at St. Louis +13.5
Atlanta at Carolina +1.5
Tampa Bay at Miami -9.5
Kansas City at Oakland -1
Seattle at Arizona -7.5
Philadelphia at San Diego -1.5
Dallas at Green Bay +1
New England at Indianapolis -3
Baltimore at Cleveland +10.5

By the end of the season you will need at least 75 picks with at least 15 in the last 4 weeks.

For ease of scoring, please just post your picks. Don't quote my whole post or all of the games and please turn off your signature. Please put your picks on 5 consecutive lines (or more for more picks). I prefer to have as many posts one the screen as possible for enterring your picks into the program. Thanks.

If you wish to join in you can, you just need 75 picks be the end of the season.