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    Re: emerging front office philosophy

    The key will be what do we use AD's money for? A RB? A WR? This offense will never be Top 5 as long as we have a great D. The Ravens philosophy has always been Defense wins and I can't disagree. However, if we still have 2 pro bowl LB's and a stud RB instead of 3 pro bowl backers and no RB that's fine with me.
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    Re: emerging front office philosophy

    You mention that the Patriots, Colts, Eagles all have great QBs and that is why they are consistantly competitive.

    I agree, but I dont see us needing a HOF QB like a Brady or Manning b/c IMO we draft way way better than any of those teams.

    When you can find an AD in the 6th or a Ray Lewis in the 20's you dont need an HOFer you need a guy like McNair or Pennington, average at this point, but far from liability. (Im not taking a shot at Steve Im one of his biggest fans)

    Besides, with the way our FO can draft, its only a matter of time before you find a franchise guy. It takes a lot of tries, but it will happen. I mean look at the jokers the Bengals had at QB between Boomer and Palmer. We have had the same jokers until this year.

    While we dont need a HOF or PB QB for this thing to work, I have a feeling we will get our man in the next draft or so.
    "This year, our attitude when we’re on the field is we’re attacking, we want to put points on the board and then let our defense pin their ears back and have at it."
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    Re: emerging front office philosophy

    Excellent post. I agree with everything about everything all the way down to the punctuation and, as I've said before, the sig photo.

    His definitions and arguments were so clear in his own mind that he was unable to understand how any reasonable person could honestly differ with him.


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