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    24x7 Article: A HORSE WITH NO NAME - (1/30)

    There is a new article on the main page.

    A HORSE WITH NO NAME - (1/30)

    Link to complete article...

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    Re: 24x7 Article: A HORSE WITH NO NAME - (1/30)

    for a second i thought this thread was about barbaro who's now on his way to that great glue factory in the sky. (i know, i know that's horrible but really, why in the world are people getting so bent out of shape about a horse?)

    nice article btw.

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    Re: 24x7 Article: A HORSE WITH NO NAME - (1/30)

    Great Article! I used to follow Rob all around the state to watch him and the Ravens! They were awesome! I still can't believe they never made it big. I thought "Raised on the Radio" was going to do it for them, be the single they needed to make the jump to the Big Time. I always wondered what had happened to him as he is an extremely talented musician and songwriter. To think of him as the "Piano Man" is kind of sad but at least I guess he's still doing what he loves and is still earning a living from it. More than most of us can say! Anyway, thanks again for bringing me up to date on him and letting me know how he's doing. Again, great article, thanks.
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