Figured I might aswell write up a wee review of the trip, feel free to use this on the site if you want Dave - or just ignore it


Met with Dave in Heathrow after some confusion (Stupid terminal five woman told me to carry on straight through) And after a trip to duty free and a few beers, where we met some moron who called 'Prime Time' 'Show Time' it was onto the flight. Arrived in Baltimore on time and after a surprisingly easy trip through customs we met up with Ben. Arrived back at Ben's and headed straight out for some beers, wings and shrimp - fantastic! This was the night we met a lovely local who proclaimed his love of Alan Shearer to Ben mere seconds before telling him soccer was a pussy's game.


Friday started off with us wondering what was going to come of the radio thing with Nestor. First off though was a trip to the Sip'n'Bite! After spending the day downtown - where I has my first, and last, taste of oysters - we headed up to Towson to meet Nestor. Interview was a good laugh all in all. Then we went out for dinner with Toe, once again wings. Then we hit a couple of bars before Dave fell asleep in Ale Mary's and we had to head home!


Terps game! After getting picked up by Toe we headed out to College Park, grabbed a few beers and met up with Niall and Lisa. The Terps game was a complete washout but a cool experience nonetheless. Headed home drenched before heading out with Ben and, I think, Kevin. Kislings for the greatest wings I have ever tasted. When we finally headed back to Ben's I dominated the first hole in Wii golf before my true skills were proven, not my proudest moment!


GAMETIME!! Arriving at the tailgate was honestly on of the best experiences of my life. Just seeing the sea of purple was a complete trip. When Fox TV appeared we did our best to keep Dave from pissing them off - he sang 'We want CBS' and launched celery at the poor guy! Tailgate was an absolute blast with much song singing and fan fare. The walk to the stadium was fantastic as we all (Niall, Myself, Ben and Dave) marched in singing 'Ravens till I die!' The game was, obviously, outstanding. Afterwards is where it all gets a bit hazy! Remember heading to Mother's, Max's (where I showed off my outstanding darts skills) and eventually made it back to Bens. I just remember waking up in the morning with one of the worst hangovers of my life!

All in all it was a fantastic trip and I'm already planning next year. Hoping myself and Katie will be coming over for 10 days and hopefully two games!