Losing like we have the last several weeks gets old real fast! And now we have to wait two weeks before we can even hope of getting this taste out of our collective mouths. One thing is cfor ertain, however, and that is this team is resilient, if nothing else. The team seems to get outplayed, but still manages to position itself to win, which is that intangible that all championship teams must have. The problem now is how do we fix the collective pass defense. I think all would agree that this offense is the real deal. Strong O-line; effective scoring machine, Provided we don't go overboard on either the run or pass - the right mix produces winning results; Flacco, from day one, has the poise and physical tools to be the franchise QB we have not had since the days of Bert Jones; and a HC who has his head on straight - he knows what it takes to win ballgames. The obvious problem is how to fix the collective pass defense. We'll see what happens when Denver comes to town.

I really had this feeling yesterday that the Ravens were going to win, and then go on a 3 game win streak. Oh well, losing like we have, really makes Mondays suck. Hell, it's only a game, so enjoy, I guess.