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    Re: Where we stand...

    We can still win the division.

    As much as it hurts right now, there have been a lot of positives in th last 3 games. One of which is the negatives and problems seem pretty obvious even though the solutions are not.

    The DB play pretty much could not get worse, so almost by default it has to get better. There are a lot of good young players on the bench that need to get some snaps. I would like to see what one of the back ups can do at the SS spot, CB spots, DL rotation and OLB/ 3rd down pass rush specialist spots.

    Maybe it was just because they drove right down the feild on the 1st team, but to me it looked like everything changed when they took 97 out and put 91 in. Buddy Lee has been getting blocked badly the last 2 weeks, mostly 1 on 1, but be clearly can not hold the point anymore vs a combo block. At all.

    They did also reduce the 3-4 look down with the bear look and cover both Gs after a while, but before that, they were flat out blowing our DL off the ball, and so were the Bengals last week at times. I think we need to see Buddy Lee coming in off the bench with a much more rapid rotation up front starting out with the size of McKinney and Nagta, and then bringing in the skills of Gregg once the O line is a little tired. The same thing with Pryce, even though he is playing very well, I would rather have him in there on long yardage or 3rd down only and let Edwards and the other bigs get those run down reps.

    The young LBs also need to be turned loose on those 3rd and longs and not asked to cover. Barnes blew a tackle like everyone else was doing, but he was getting pressure on Palmer.

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    Re: Where we stand...

    Quote Originally Posted by psuasskicker View Post
    Stinger, I agree with you overall, but I do think the defense has a pretty easy fix. Gap integrity. If we can maintain our gap integrity, the defense can turn itself around in a hurry. The biggest problem this defense has is that it's giving up big plays because the LBs and DBs aren't being disciplined in maintaining their assignments. It's like they're all gambling to hit the big play, and it's burning them pretty badly.

    The secondary will continue to be a weaker link, but overall it's still good enough to win most games. Let's face facts here...we've lost three very close games to three very good teams. Take away one or two big plays from each of those teams and we win those games. Those plays make the difference...we have to stop allowing them.

    - C -
    I think that could be a key to stopping the bleeding too, but part of that is getting the safeties to play right. Ed Reed, G-d love him, has got to learn that he cannot try to break himself on every play, and sometimes he needs to run back down the middle of the field to help Frank Walker with Sydney Rice. Maybe Reed gets back there in time to help make a play on that ball. And if it wasn't supposed to be Reed and it was supposed to be Landry, he needs to get his ass back there.

    But I am wondering if we have the overall talent to make this happen. That's what's really bothering me right now.


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