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    Re: My official bring back C-Mac thread

    You think a slow, aging, career cover-2 corner is going to come in and help our secondary? Barber is great at what Tampa has asked him to do, which is play zone a majority of the time. Our defense, for some unknown reason, plays a lot of man with the corners.

    Barber just wouldn't fit into our scheme.
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    Re: My official bring back C-Mac thread

    I have heard that C-mac wants top corner money and that is one reason why nobody has touched him. I don't know if it's true or not, but i do know billick was asked about C-Mac in the offseason and he said he didn't see Chris as the type of guy that would play for vet minimum because he loves the game.

    I think C-Mac could help, and his off the field issues were personal demons that I feel anyone would deserve a second chance with, however it seems that once you enter Harbaugh's dog house there is no getting out. Who knows we may have a really good receiver in a healthy D-Will, but we will never find out as long as he is in that doghouse.

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    Re: My official bring back C-Mac thread

    D Wil did play can see him on Mason's TD catch, throwing a block on the CB in the endzone, allowing Mason to dive in for the TD.

    We're not a team that generally goes 4 wide very often, and it's hard to throw D Wil out there when Washington is playing pretty well (and outplayed D Wil in the preseason as well)

    CMac wasn't "in a doghouse"...he was a locker room problem who just didn't get along with Harbaugh. Also, he wasn't all that good anymore, so we let him go. You can argue about who replaced him, but you can't argue that replacing him wasn't a bad idea, because he was out most of last season and we managed to hold our own with Fabian Washington, Samari Rolle, Frank Walker, and Corey Ivy (Also Oglesby).
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