Even though this is a non-conference game, it's outcome is very critical to the Ravens right now. We really can't afford to come home 3-3, with 2 games against Pittsburgh, 1 game against Indy, and either Green Bay or Denver lurking as possible losses. We really have to win this game, and to do so, I think we need to concentrate on the following:

Try to get a lead early in the game. Use your entire playbook on offense, including trick plays, but get that lead - preferably 10 points or more.

Getting a lead will limit Adrian Peterson's touches, and it will place the ball in Favre's hands more.

Rush at least 5 guys on defense, and put as much pressure as possible on Favre. Rough him up if you can't get a sack, but at least jostle him around. When under pressure, especially coming from the middle of the line, he's very capable of throwing interceptions.

Giving Favre only a few seconds to pass will not give the Vikes' receivers time enough to separate from our corners. We may give up a lot of yards in the slot, but that's ok, because we can generally stop teams from scoring TDs in the red zone.

After getting a lead, we need to pound the ball with the 3-headed monster of McClain, Rice, and McGahee. Our defense has been spending wayyyy too much time on the field lately.