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    Re: Real Fans Stay On The Band Wagon

    I think everyone has their own definition of what a true fan is (and I also think that they're all arbitrary and meaningless), but you can see how it may be disheartening for some to see others bash the team they love, even if the one doing the bashing is doing so to vent.

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    Re: Real Fans Stay On The Band Wagon

    Its only human nature to evaluate, (sometimes by criticism). I love the insight given by some of the more knowledgable people that post on this site. I was as low as could be on Monday, not a lot better today. Our expectations for this season were so high and its not over by a long shot. Two close losses against very good teams is not the end. Year after year in the NFL, its the team that gets hot the last 6 to 8 weeks of the year are the teams that go deep in the playoffs. Thats our hope and if we don't, Harbs will continue working to improve this team next year.

    I just watched ESPN and "That Band that wouldn't die". What a great show. We can all be very grateful for men of foresight and courage that brought a team back to us in Baltimore. The film was very inspiring and Im ready to go again.

    I just watched the NFL replay of the game, unfortunately, only caught the last drive. Im sorry, but the combination of those announcers agreeing with every ref call, was just nauseating. I watched Ochostinko tackle Foxworth right in front of me at the game and it was reinforced at the game. For the announcer that said it was a great play by Ocho, he is so wrong. That was so blatant. They also said the PI call was on Reed and not Walker. Not sure if the telecast live showed what Reed might h ave done but I sure didn't see it. Geez, deja vu, Patriots/Ravens from 07 all over again.

    Better times ahead. There are great fans on this site, great fans of this team everywhere. No one is quitting on this team.
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    Re: Real Fans Stay On The Band Wagon

    Mr T,

    Yes everyone can bitch about the performance of the team. It appears everyone has missed my point here I have read where some fans aren't even going to follow the Ravens this year. Talking about a bad game is one thing but throwing the team completely under the bus is another thing.
    Those fans know who they are.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mista T View Post
    "Real" fans. What bullshit!

    If I want to come here on Sunday night, after a horrible ending to a mediocre game, to vent about the Billick-esque offensive schemes, the lack of concentration, play-calling, or officiating, that's my privilege. I don't get why some fans want to challenge the other fans' "fandom". I don't leave the game early, boo the Ravens, sell my tickets, etc after two losses (to two 1st place teams); however, if I did, it would be my right to do so.

    I will, however, continue to exercise my 1st Amendment rights regarding lack of escalators or HDTVs in the men's restrooms!

    Sorry Steve, but you just fell into a pile of crap with that comment.:grbac:

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    Re: Real Fans Stay On The Band Wagon

    Words of wisdom issued by the 24x7 'real fan' police...
    "Grab those pusillanimous sons-a-bitches by the nose and kick 'em in the balls.." General George S. Patton

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    Re: Real Fans Stay On The Band Wagon

    Don't get me wrong, I am as passionate as they come. Me and my girlfriend sit down at noon on Sunday until the whistle blows and happily scream along with being almost reduced to tears.

    It has nothing to do with whether you're a real fan or not. If you have enough time, or make enough time to come and post on this are a real fan and don't let anyone say otherwise.

    My family is spread out across the nation and I am constantly taking a barrage from people who didn't even watch our games about us losing.

    Off the point, but anyway...your valuable time which you choose to spend on watching the Ravens on sunday, and posting here, does in fact prove that you are a more than willing and real fan.

    If you were a bandwagoner, you would be posting on espn under "squeelerfan"...."patsrock"...."greenmonstah"...."cowgirls4life"....


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