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    Re: We Deserved To Lose

    Our D was fine. It was not clutch on the last drive due to bogus penalties, but only gave up 2 scoring drives before that. 17 pts is not insurmountable anyway.

    Our offense deserves ALL of the blame. One scoring drive? It would be one thing if we had three scoring drives and missed two FGs. Then I would be ok with just 7 pts from the O and put a little more hate on the D. Cant do it though. Even Boller was good for 2-3 scoring drives a game. If it was 2 tds and an FG, we even won sometimes .

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    Re: We Deserved To Lose

    Not to mention that the score we did put up was because of Ray Rice making a great play instead of going down and probaly having to punt again. I said it earlier and I'll say it again Joe looked out of zink back there, he was throwing the ball to check downs when he still had plenty of time to let his WR's get open down field and just made some poor throws, if he would have read the field properly instead of throwing a INT he would have realized that Rice was wide open in the middle of the field and we know what happens when Rice has room (the one ball he should have checked down but throw a pick, Oyeah in the RED ZONE).

    This blame definently goes to the O, shit even the D put up 7, and when that happens we normally always win, and we won the Turn Over battle. WTF is Ray Rice and Todd Heap doing lined up as the outside WR. I said this before to, Cam is trying to hard to look like a guru and get another crack at a HC job.


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