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    Playing LG vs RG

    We all seem to be well schooled on how difficult it is to switch from R TACKLE to L TACKLE,and vise versa,but what about guard??The reason why I bring this up is because Cincy just spent big money locking up their two tackles and the prevailing wisdom is that Eric Steinbach has one foot out the door.This is a top 5 guard in the NFL from every "expert" and anyone else who is in the know and it would nice if we coulod make a run at him next year.He is a LG though,and assuming that Mulitalo has one more year in him(and maybe not now that I think about it) it would be big upgrade on the Oline that hasnt happened in....ohh... 10 years or so if he could play on the right side.

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    Re: Playing LG vs RG

    Honestly it isn't nearly as big a deal at guard, at least in my experience.

    The major difference between left and right tackles is pass blocking. The LTs will face speed rushers while RTs have to be better run blockers.

    Guards usually have the same responsibilities on either side of center.

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    Re: Playing LG vs RG

    I'm not trying to downgrade the importance of the guards but it all starts with the Tackles.

    If you have great tackles on both sides, you can get away with mediocre guards.

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    Re: Playing LG vs RG

    Didnt think think was much difference,just wanted to check.With the Ravens going up agaist Steinbach at least 10 times it shouldnt be hard to put a value on him,and if we could steal a top O linemen from a division rival that would be nice.He will probably want a little less than Hutch got,whether the market will bear that who knows.


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