Hi gang,
What are some of your favorite game day traditions. We have season tickets, not a practical thing for our UK fans/friends. We have a bunch of superstitions/traditions in our family.

We have been doing this one since the first preseason game for the Ravens. We have 20 ft flagpole on our front lawn. The Ravens flag goes to the top of the pole on gameday. If they win, it stays up til the next game, if they lose, it comes to half staff until 6pm the next day when we lower it and put it away til the next game. Needless to say, our flag has been flying since the first preseason game against the Redskins.

In 2000, we went undefeated from Oct through the Superbowl. Our flag was sunbleached and tattered by the time the Boys returned home victorious from Tampa Bay. We did add small purple Christmas lights to the flagpole during the Christmas season.

Of course, at the Stadium, everyone has to touch the toe on the statue of Johnny Unitas in front of the stadium. I've gone tailgating w/o having a ticket. I'll walk the gang to the stadium, touch the toe, then head home. It's all for luck.

My dear husband (DH) has a whole slew of "lucky" shirts that he has to wear on Gameday--always topped with his Todd Heap Jersey.

So, do you have any interesting traditions?

Catonsville, MD