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    Re: Ravens game viewing in Dublin

    Quote Originally Posted by FellsPointRaven View Post
    Well the legal drinking age over there is 18, and most Brits and Irish start frequenting pubs when they're about 15, so she's actually behind the curve!
    Yep its great watching young ladies puking in the streets on a friday night.:(
    Put the smile back on your face.This is a 60 minute ball game.

  2. Re: Ravens game viewing in Dublin

    she was not a drinker before this adventure. She did have a Guinness, didn't like it. Someone told her Murphy's was better, didn't like that either so she said there is some kind of cider w/a gingerale flavor. Sounds like near beer to me. We're not in a rush & Yes, she is behind the curve that way. Girls tossing their tacos in the street--ewww....or should I say gushing their Guinness? Not an attractive thought.

    Here's the weird part of it--the kids can drink abroad but will have to go back to prohibition when the get home, in theory. I think she'll be ok w/it cuz she's pretty square.

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