Don't worry, I will compile the results of weeks 1 and 2. Some time.

Here are the week 3 spreads. If you have missed any picks in the other threads pick enough to get to 15 games picked through week 3. If you have yet to pick, pick 10 this week and again next week.

Don't go picking 7 or 8. You can't cherry pick to catch up.

Tennessee at New York Jets -2.5
Jacksonville at Houston -3.5
Kansas City at Philadelphia -9.5
Cleveland at Baltimore-13.5
NY Giants at Tampa Bay +6.5
Washington at Detroit +6
Green Bay at St. Louis +6.5
San Francisco at Minnesota -7
Atlanta at New England -4.5
Chicago at Seattle +2.5
New Orleans at Buffalo +6
Miami at San Diego -6
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati +4
Denver at Oakland -1
Indianapolis at Arizona -2.5
Carolina at Dallas -9