I will take this over, pay attention because I am listing them like this:
Visitor at Home points for home team.

If the home team is the underdog you will see a +, if favored a -.

I also am not distinguishing what day and time the games are played. You must have all picks in by the time your first game kicks off, I can't tell if you edit in new picks later for later games if you change your pick for the now past game.

Oakland at Kansas City -3
Houston at Tennessee -6.5
New England at NY Jets +3.5
Cincinnati at Green Bay -9
Minnesota at Detroit +9.5
New Orleans at Philadelphia Pick
Carolina at Atlanta -6
St. Louis at Washington -9.5
Arizona at Jacksonville -3
Seattle at San Francisco -1.5
Tampa Bay at Buffalo -5
Cleveland at Denver -3
Baltimore at San Diego -3
Pittsburgh at Chicago +3
NY Giants at Dallas -3
Indianapolis at Miami +3

Good luck.

I will work up last week's results later.