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    going to Green Bay?

    My brother and I are. I have two extra tics 2nd row behind Ravens bench. Would love two sell them two Ravens fan.

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    Re: going to Green Bay?

    I would have to sell the tickets as a pair. I have them listed on Stubhub for $334 each. That would cover my fees for buying and selling them through Stubhub. For Ravens fans I would be willing to take allitle loss. Say, $550 for both. You would also have to pay cash and meet my brother in Frederick. The tickets are for Sec. 115 Row 2 seats 7 & 8.

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    Re: going to Green Bay?

    What ever Mo Fo. This is the hottest game of the year. I'm honest and gave you a deal better than I was offered 3 months ago on Stub hub. sounds like you need to get a job other than your minimum wage job at Mickey D's. I dought I'll see you. Of course I will not see anyone but the boys in purple. all dis-respect aside. I hope you find a ticket. Our boys need all the supprt they can get. Everywhere I go there are nothing but Steeler fans. And those guys don't have any money. Thats why there is nothing but Steeler fans looking for work in my home town. I don't live in MD. I'm just very particular about my seats. I don't get out very often. When I do. I do it right. good luck.
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    Re: going to Green Bay?

    Hey. sorry for being that way. Where I live. People pay that to ski for the day. To be able to yell at Ray for Three hours in the coolest venue on earth is worth it to me. I don't know those other web sites. That price is less than what I paid. I don't like being called a joke, and I like my job. Seriously. Good luck.:ww:
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