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    Re: Ray Wants Contract Extension

    Quote Originally Posted by ravenwoman View Post
    Keep the contract as is. A deal is a deal. I am sick and tired of all these players and coaches trying to get out of contracts which are legally binding documents.

    I would never amend any contract for a player, no matter how much he needed the money.
    Hmmmm, Why does this not surprise me? U R TUFF raven woman!:hammer: :hammer:

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    Re: Ray Wants Contract Extension

    Quote Originally Posted by Raven Nurse View Post
    In most jobs when you stop producing, your let go. No company keeps dead weight. It is unproductive. The NFL is no different. Thats why I have no problem with the T.O's of the world of asking for more money...WHILE THEY ARE PRODUCIVE>>>>NOT READY TO RETIRE so your statement...Let me further translate. When a person has been on the job for a certain amount of years and have contributed mightly to that company's success, what does that person do? Ask for a raise. Ask for more job security. makes no sense

    You need to go back and read what I said again. I agreed with your argument (even though it is shortsighted) that an unproductive person is let go from a job. That said, when a person is productive and instrumental to a company's success, that person asks for a raise.

    It is no different for the NFL players. Ray Lewis feels he was instrumental in our 13-3 season (and he was), so he has a right to ask for a raise (or new contract).
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    Re: Ray Wants Contract Extension

    I just wanted to point out exactly what Preston said - and didn't say:

    Middle linebacker Ray Lewis has apparently not given up on trying to get a contract extension. The Ravens have given Lewis an extension almost every season, but have denied him one the past two years. Apparently, it's going to be a third straight year.

    It's looks like mighty Ray has struck out again.

    Posted by Mike Preston on January 24, 2007 at 8:21 AM
    At no point does he say that Ray has actually ask for an extension. Preston is only saying that apparently Ray hasn't given up an extension. Similarly, at no point did he say that the Ravens did reject anything or that they even had anything to reject.

    So, is it a prediction or speculation?

    Who knows?

    Maybe a "source" told Preston that Ray does have plans to ask and Preston has been told by someone in the FO that if Ray does ask, he'll be denied.

    But, again, who knows?

    So what exactly is the purpose of this blog?

    So, now this one little blog - about something that hasn't apparently even happened and possibly, may never happen - will take a life of its own, and already there is a blurb in USAToday saying that Ray has asked for an extension and has been denied, crediting The Sun as the source.
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