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    Re: OT: American Idol

    Quote Originally Posted by ladyraven127 View Post
    Well, I don't watch 24 but Lost is coming back soon. Sigh . . . at least I can look forward to that I have many questions.
    With continuous around the clock watching, you should be caught up in six days.

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    Re: OT: American Idol

    Quote Originally Posted by mavhimself View Post
    i would follow that show but the 1st episode had former nba baller rick fox being railed in the poopshoot with a dildo. a little too scarring psychologically to follow the show after that.
    Well, at least that hasn't happened again with Rick, I can't believe they could get him to do something like that. It wasn't a dildo, but a strap on. Still, putting that aside it is a cool show

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