The "Go to a Sunday Night Football Game with Baltimore Greg" is back for any UKRaven willing to fly over.

Last year we hosted the lowly $lur$kin$. This year, the inbreds come in for a visit., thus making it better than ever. Wipe your butt with a real "Turrribal Toul" that you just snatched off of a guy with an IQ matching his lagging tooth count.

This will be the biggest home game of the year and you can attend.

While watching Sunday Night Football preseason garbage between Denver and Chicago (that dumbass McDaniels is looking stupid as Cutler chews his D up, though Orton doesn't look bad). In any case, they advertised the various rivalry games they are televising and the Hilljacks coming to town reminded me. I confirmed with my wife that Sunday night just ain't happening as she must get up early for her one day she works plus taking the kids to school. So this is your chance.

Who wants it?