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    UKRavenStockers' Senior Bowl Comments Thread

    For anyone that's interested, if I get enough views I'll post up comments for any practices I see.

    Day 2 Practices

    North Team

    One on one WR on DB drills, North Squad.

    Impressed in a drill:

    - Josh Wilson - CB - Maryland - Didn't bite on a double move nearly got an INT.
    - Aundrae Allison - WR - ECU - Clean routes, excellent double moves, may need to work on his hands.
    - Paul Williams - WR - Fresno State - Clean routes, good hands, nice physicality.
    - Marcus McCauley - CB - Fresno State - Very good in press coverage.

    Unimpressed in a drill:

    - Daymeion Hughes - CB - Cal - Didn't jam well, poor speed downfield, average. Decent zone corner but this week was key to show he can play man coverage, but he's not looking too promising on that front right now.

    O-Line vs D-line Drills:

    Doug Datish got beat by Quinn Pitcock On an inside move.

    Levi Brown pushed Anthony Spencer past the 'QB' on the first play but then Spencer was able to move inside and beat an attempted power block by Brown the 2nd team

    Adam Carriker showed well in both drills against his OL.

    Victor Abiamiri showed OK but I'd have expected more against Marshal Yanda from Iowa.

    Dan Mozes got square to his block well 2nd time round and didn't let David Patterson of Ohio State beat him.

    Amobi Okoye pulled out his spin move again, this time on Samson Satele, beat him first time round. Today didn't pull the spin move out two straight, used his arms to cut inside and drive past Satele tot he inside, double win for Okoye.

    Doug Datish better showing against David Patterson rather than Pitcock, nullified him both times.

    Josh Beekman showed some good power and didn't let David Patterson move laterally on him.

    Manuel Ramirez of Texas Tech (North?) got into a bad position 1st time against Quinn Pitcock, got beat by his speed. 2nd time Pitcock didn't get past him with his speed and was able to over power him.

    Ryan Harris lined up at RT against Anthony Spencer, Spencer took a step outside and cut back in probably got the win.

    James Marten beaten earlier on play by Jay Mohr of Nebraska on an earlier play on the right side, nullified the same play on the left side this time.

    Dan Mozes showed some real weakness to a power surge from Brandon Mebane of Cal on the first play. Really nice powerful punch by Mebane who has really impressed me both days I've seen him now. 2nd play Mozes was ready for the power surge and got his base set a lot better, but still got taken in to the backfield quite a bit.

    Mebane I'd say is probably the guy I've been most impressed with these first two days.

    11 on 11 Drills:

    Drew Stanton got his foot trodden on by the guard as he pulled back from centre, Brian Billick will be taking note of Stanton and the guard concerned.

    Aundrae Allison really is showing extremely well here, good cuts, good hands, good routes.

    Adam Carriker would have just blown that run play up in the backfield, I'll credit him with the play as I didn't see who was lined up on the right side.

    That's it for the North today it'd seem to me. Looking forward to seeing the South for the first time this evening.
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    Re: UKRavenStockers' Senior Bowl Comments Thread

    For anyone that has been reading this, I may or may not have notes for tonight/this evening's practices for the south. Snow has fallen in Norwich and a snowball fight would appear to be called for. :D

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    Re: UKRavenStockers' Senior Bowl Comments Thread

    Nice job, keep the comments up. Interested to see what you say about the South when you see them.

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    Re: UKRavenStockers' Senior Bowl Comments Thread

    Snowball fight is waiting for the morning so I should be watching the South practice that starts in about 15 minutes on NFL Network for those that are interested.

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    Re: UKRavenStockers' Senior Bowl Comments Thread

    Great work Stockers!!

    I didn't catch the Senior Bowl coverage, but from what I hear, Aundrae Allison is very impressive and could end up being one of the biggest sleepers in the draft.

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    Re: UKRavenStockers' Senior Bowl Comments Thread

    South Squad Practice Tuesday

    QB Dropbacks

    - To start with all three (Chris Leak, Kevin Kolb, Jordan Palmer) were unimpressive struggling to control throws in the strong wind.

    - Kolb settled in the best however and seemed to get to grips with the conditions the best.

    - Chris Leak has a beautifully smooth dropback, seamless. However a very cackhanded action and could consequently be susceptible to strips from DE's pushed downfield behind him by his OTs.

    DB vs WR Drills

    - Aaron Ross showed excellent footwork staying with Chris Davis on a stop route. Had great confidence in his ability to follow him downfield, didn't have to play him physically downfield, ran stride for stride, and was very smooth in his stop staying right on top of his man at the stop.

    - Johnnie Lee Higgins Jr. absolutely ripped David Irons a new one, way too much speed and Irons was just overly physical and would have been called for all sorts of illegal contact and interference penalties.

    - Aaron Ross showed excellent deep speed as well staying with his man, forget who it was against.

    - Dwayne Bowe showed excellent physicality on an in route against Brandon Merriweather. Used his body very well and really dominated Merriweather.

    - David Irons got his revenge on Higgins, cushion this time and was very smooth in his dropback not giving up too much. Read the out cut perfectly and would have had an INT had he not tripped up.

    - Aaron Ross did a very nice job on Dwayne Bowe in press coverage as well. Not great in press coverage, but good enough that you can use it as part of his game and don't always have to play him 'off'.

    - David Irons after getting back on his last play, got beat badly by a double move by Dwayne Bowe, dig route and went for a TD.

    DL vs OL Drills

    - Ryan Kalil showed excellent technique shutting down DeMarcus 'Tank' Tyler on two drill plays. Got leverage both times, bending at the knees and showing a good base which is very important as he lacks great power.

    - Joe Staley showed some very good mobility, light on his feet but lacks strength at the mo, converted TE.

    - Justin Blalock at tackle on the first drill, lined up against Quentin Moses and showed enough that he can be a tweener T/G. Rocked Moses back on the first play and on the 2nd play he possibly did enough to push Moses past the QB as he would be on the open side the QB would be more aware to step up. Showed well that he can push outside in a pinch and not be horribly exposed.

    - Dustin Fry locked out Tank Tyler twice. Not tremendously blessed with great talent and power, but showed good technique (former wrestler) and got leverage both times.

    - Tony Ugoh showed very good athleticism (former track and field guy) pushing Pittman (LSU) outside on the first play. Pittman crossed it up with an inside move and Ugoh showed an good power step to cut off the inside move.

    - Justin Blalock at guard 2nd time around showed a good base and good ability to use his hands inside.

    - Joe Staley beaten badly on big outside rush by Tim Crowder, beaten by the same play on consecutive plays.

    - Dustin Fry showed waist bending (not good) and consequently got beaten badly on an inside rip by Brown of Miami.

    11 on 11 Drills

    - Chris Leak opens it up with an awful through on an out route. Threw it to the break of the route, not to the sideline.

    - Leak made up for it on the next play with a nice pass down the seam to Ken Darby, in front of the safety.

    - Lorenzo Booker on a draw play made some nice cuts, showed very quick feet.

    - Jordan Palmer with an underthrown ball to Dwayne Bowe on a corner route (I think). Bowe adjusted very well, caught it and was able to tap both feet.

    - Kenny Irons given a cutback play and read the cutback very well, got past his tackle with the chance to turn up field.

    - Quentin Moses showed excellent discipline on a play action pass. Didn't bite, maintained his containment, thusly forced Palmer to throw off his back foot and Moses got the knockdown as a result.

    - Kevin Kolb with a very nice out route to Courtney Taylor. Stepped into the throw and put it on Taylor's outside shoulder.

    - Kolb showed mobility as well, no receivers were open (good coverage) so bailed out of the pocket and picked up a couple of yards.

    - Patrick Willis fooled on a play action from the shotgun, did not hustle to get back the crossing route that he lost on the play action fake.

    - Kolb made an excellent pass down the seam right on the money to Dwayne Bowe. Bowe dropped it though, inexcusable drop. Raised an issue that Bowe has with easy drops and whether it's down to concentration (coachable) or hands (bigger issue). Even so, very impressive throw in windy conditions by Kolb.

    OL 'Punch' Drill

    *Heavy medicine ball thrown at the OL players that they had to punch back*

    - Ben Grubbs showed well in this, good strong punch.
    - Dustin Fry didn't show so well, lacked strength it seemed, didn't seem to show great in drills, he's a guy you look for on tape.
    - Ryan Kalil seemed to change his stance for this drill and sat more up right than he had been for the one on one drills.

    That's it for day 2, should be about for all of the practices tomorrow as well.
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    Re: UKRavenStockers' Senior Bowl Comments Thread

    UK, you are giving me my Ravens fix. to you!

    His definitions and arguments were so clear in his own mind that he was unable to understand how any reasonable person could honestly differ with him.

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    Re: UKRavenStockers' Senior Bowl Comments Thread

    Well, got this from the ...well...'other' board.

    We've apparently spoken with the following players at the Senior Bowl:

    Arron Sears

    Rufus Alexander
    Rhema McKnight
    Chansi Stuckey
    Buster Davis
    Ryan Harris
    Fred Bennett
    Le'Ron McClain
    Justin Blalock
    Kenneth Darby

    So interesting... RBs, WRs, OGs, OTs, LBs, and CBs.

    If you see us taking a guy like Bennett the writing's on the wall about the young CBs from last year. Think 6'1" 185 4.45
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    Re: UKRavenStockers' Senior Bowl Comments Thread

    I'm surprised they've spoken with Blalock, unless it's a smokescreen. Picking an interior OL in the 1st would be a serious break from Ravens draft tradition. But the linked report is very flattering.

    Reading the scouting report on Buster Davis, it sure sounds like it could have been written about a certain *other* ILB we all know. Recommended reading, he looks like our kind of guy on defense.

    If we end up with Chansi Stuckey in Rd. 3 or 4 we can say goodbye to BJ Sams for sure.

    Ryan Harris looks like another Adam Terry, which is fine with me.

    Bennet at CB does *not* look like a Ravens defender.

    Thanks for the links, ER.
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    His definitions and arguments were so clear in his own mind that he was unable to understand how any reasonable person could honestly differ with him.

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    Re: UKRavenStockers' Senior Bowl Comments Thread

    We spoke to Aaron Ross on Monday as well.

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    Re: UKRavenStockers' Senior Bowl Comments Thread

    Seems we're going to get LB/RB/CB 1st day...maybe OL.

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    Re: UKRavenStockers' Senior Bowl Comments Thread

    Lots of LB's and QB's to open up this last main North practice. I've not got a clue what to look for with these guys and what's good and what isn't with no opposition so I'll not be putting up any notes until I get DB-WR drills, OL-DL drills or some 7 on 7 or 11 on 11 to look at. Not much point in me waffling on about that which I know little of.


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