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What does it matter if Ray Rice go the most touches in the passing game? He's a threat whenever he touches the ball. It would be foolish to not get him involved in the passing game.
I don't disagree. Ray Rice is just gifted in a way I haven't seen in Baltimore in a long time. Personally, all around he is better than Ray Lewis. In time I think he could be the next LT.

But the running back should not be one of the leading receivers on the team. If he is getting checked down to all the time it means everyone else is covered more than they should be. And there will be a time when teams will key in on that.

Tell you all what. Since it seems like a crime against humanity, and against the rules of the forum these days to have concerns, I will keep my concerns to myself. If Kelley Washington becomes this star receiver that is our guy, I will be very happy. It won't be Justin Harper since he played no snaps with 1st team. So he's out. Clayton, who knows what he'll do or how long he'll even last on the field. So all eyes are on Kelley now.

Let's see if me, and half the rest of the people watching and writing about the Ravens are wrong.

Btw, not that it isn't relevant, but great game Joe!!!