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    Re: 2007 Mock Draft Trends

    All I know is that I'll cuss the first round pick like I do every year. Seems that the more I hate the pick, the better they wind up being
    "A moron, a rapist, and a Pittsburgh Steeler walk into a bar. He sits down and says, Hi Im Ben may I have a drink please?

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    Re: 2007 Mock Draft Trends

    Updated on 'draft 'eve.

    Enjoy everyone

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    Re: 2007 Mock Draft Trends

    Grubbs makes the late rise, intriguing to see where this goes.

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    Re: 2007 Mock Draft Trends

    Well, it was wrong the entire time...up until the night before where it was barely right :)

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    Re: 2007 Mock Draft Trends

    Figured I'd bump this up. I was interested, and surprised to see the last second change, much less to have it actually be correct.


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