I know that i am higher on Rolle then most. I think he is a borderline number one, meaning a top 20-30 CB. For the number two on the number one defense, that makes him a bit of a liability, as basically every other starter last year was top 10 at their position. CB's are made to look like weaknesses on every team. That's how the rules are.
Not to mention that Rolle is handcuffed to this team Salary cap wise. He will be starting this year, and on the team next year. I see more potential in the young guys. I think Ogelsby or Prude could have started in a pinch last year, and been a step down, but been solid by NFL standards, not Raven's standerads, think Baxter.

Because of that, and the LB/DE post above, it's how I think right or wrong.