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    Oakland-Atlanta Rumormill

    THIS would be one for the record books.

    Porter + #1 pick for Vick & #10 pick

    I am still speachless....

    but it makes sense, Porter refuses to play. Al Davis likes a big splash. This is better than getting Russel, though i think it's a stupid move. But of course, that's why it's possible....especially given how that team destroyed itself to get Randy Moss.

    If I'm the Falcons, I think I go for get a good WR (yeah, might have attitude problems, but he's better than Randy Moss), and you can get your choice of QB.

    VERY VERY interesting....

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    Re: Oakland-Atlanta Rumormill

    do the Falcons think they are a player or two away, or are they going to tear down & rebuild? I would think they wouldn't make a move like this until they get their new HC.

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    Re: Oakland-Atlanta Rumormill

    Falcons nab Louisville's Petrino to succeed Mora ~ 1/08/06

    so that's what was making me think it's possible.

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    Re: Oakland-Atlanta Rumormill

    What is the Falcons cap space like? Wouldn't this move prove " the Mike Vick experience" a bust? The Falcons do have a pretty good #2 QB.

    This is a Al Davis move, he likes Qb's that are unwelcome from other teams, and/or the Moss factor!

    Should be fun to watch if it ever happens.

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    Re: Oakland-Atlanta Rumormill

    If the Raiders are that dumb, we need to get on the phone and bilk these guys out of their first round pick be it the 1st overall or 10th if this deal goes through.
    It's a new season! It's a new day!

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    Re: Oakland-Atlanta Rumormill

    They're going to keep Vick no matter what happens. He counts something like $21 million against the salary cap.


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