Listening to WBAL's "C4" show, I am reminded of one glowing hypocrisy from the left.

Cindy Sheehan, on her 12 person campaign and (at first) with little help from anyone else, set forth to make it her goal to protest the President and his policies. For years, she disrupted events, held protests, swore and cussed at the President. Numerous hearings were disrupted by her and her followers. The press and the left were in LOVE with her, calling her a patriot. She was a media darling, propped up as being the symbol of all Americans. Sure, there were extreme left nut jobs helping her and like minded in their thoughts but they were cast off by the media and the left leadership as such. Bush, to his credit, reaffirmed her right numerous times during speeches and public events as "the american way" and "her right to protests"

Flip the script ....

Everyday people are taking the time, reading the Obamacare legislation and acting in very same way Sheehan and her group did. They are disrupting events, holding protests, swearing and cussing at the President. Numerous meetings are being disrupted by these people. Instead of keeping consistent, the media and the left are painting these people as "mobs", "terrorists" and Galen's favorite "idiots". Sure, there are extreme right nut jobs showing up as well but instead of remaining unbiased and calling as such, the President and the media label them as the mains stream of the opposition. Obama, not to his credit, is joining in the mud slinging instead of reaffirming their right to protest.

Once again, the left wishes to apply the Constitution in the time and manner they see fit and not for all Americans.

The First Amendment may as well read: "Congress shall make no law prohibiting the right of the left leaning people peaceably to assemble, and to petition a right leaning administration / Government for a redress of grievances. Conservatives, you're on your own"