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    In America, Crazy Is a Preexisting Condition

    The tree of crazy is an ever-present aspect of America's flora. Only now, it's being watered by misguided he-said-she-said reporting and taking over the forest. Latest word is that the enlightened and mild provision in the draft legislation to help elderly people who want living wills -- the one hysterics turned into the "death panel" canard -- is losing favor, according to the Wall Street Journal, because of "complaints over the provision."

    Good thing our leaders weren't so cowardly in 1964, or we would never have passed a civil rights bill -- because of complaints over the provisions in it that would enslave whites.
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    Re: In America, Crazy Is a Preexisting Condition

    Yep. Corporate american has once again beat the common man. While it is frustrating as hell to see Obama unable to push this through I respect his efforts. Bottom line is the combination of money and a less than educated population denies us all a guarantee of healthcare.

    My email has been flooded lately by expat friends who I spent time with teaching throughout Latin America and europe during my 20's. Evidently watching this whole healthcare process from outside the american lense is pretty stunning. They can't imagine that there wouldn't be a strong push for reform and away from profit driven, exclusionary healthcare.

    I tell them to read Trap et al. if they want to understand or at least experience how the corporate machine has crafted a message that scares people away from what is actually undeniably in the best interest. You guys think I am left ha...I am trying to get some of these folks to post on here to give a more international perspective on what the educated outside of our country think about our politics.

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    Re: In America, Crazy Is a Preexisting Condition

    Or... they shoudl take a trip to Woodlawn and go to the Social Secuirty.... OR to social services anywhere.... Try and get a passport? Basically do anything not available int eh Private sector. When they see how embarrassingly poorly run and innefficient any government office is...

    We don't want our healthcare system run into the ground.


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