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    Ughh, that time of the Year again (Weather Related)

    I guess I was hoping that since it was August and the Atlantic was sans depressions/tropical storms/hurricanes this was going to be a mild year but looks like we have a three shot all with in a week of each if you are along the eastern and gulf coasts here are some links for the current storms...

    Dropical depression 4 (gulf)

    Tropical storm Ana

    Tropical storm Bill

    Be safe out there and hope these affect no one...
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    Re: Ughh, that time of the Year again (Weather Related)

    Looks like I have to worry about Ana.

    Projections show it wont gain much strength but a big storm right before my fantasy draft could ruin a weekend!

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    Re: Ughh, that time of the Year again (Weather Related)

    Thanks for pointing out it's weather-related. I was expecting another thread about the Slurs going all the way.


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    Re: Ughh, that time of the Year again (Weather Related)

    I'm in Miami this week, I was kind of looking forward to seeing Bill or Claudette, it looks liek I missed out.

    Wasn't glabal warming supposed to greatly increase tropical storms, not cause fewer?


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