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    Re: Trade Mike Anderson To The Jets

    Quote Originally Posted by Art-Florida
    If Brian Billick really said that........
    I don't see where anyone said Billick said anything?

    As far as trading Anderson goes, I have to agree - only if someone overwhelms us. You've got to remember that this team is built to win now, and even a 3rd rounder next year does us no good right now. And, if Jamal and Musa somehow did get hurt, that 3rd rounder would really be doing us no good.

    Don't get me wrong, all things being equal, I'd love to get a decent draft pick for Anderson, but not knowing what will happen from here on out makes me a bit gun-shy.
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    Re: Trade Mike Anderson To The Jets

    I think we should hold on to MA this year and possibly deal him this offseason. This way we can see what we have with Jamal and Musa. This gives us the option of:

    Going with Jamal and MA if Musa doesnt turn out.

    Going in a new direction with Musa, decide if MA or Jamal will be backup.

    If Musa doesnt pan out and Jamal doesnt either, then we have MA signed for 2-3 more years.

    If we were going to trade him before the season we should wait until a teamloses a RB for the year. Then we rip 'em off.
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    Re: Trade Mike Anderson To The Jets

    If both Musa and Jamal are healthy and productive, then we can deal MA at the deadline to someone who lost someone for the year.

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    Re: Trade Mike Anderson To The Jets

    I've turned into a huge Musa fan, so much so that if Lewis starts to slump I say Start Musa

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    Re: Trade Mike Anderson To The Jets

    turned into a huge Musa fan, so much so that if Lewis starts to slump I say Start Musa

    I agree. If Jamal starts dancing again, he should be yanked as the starter. THough, given what we have seen so far, I don't see that happening.

    As others have said, baring a silly offer, I don't see an upside to trading MA. He adds excellent depth and is still a beast inside the 5.

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    Angry Re: Trade Mike Anderson To The Jets

    Even after the win vs vs the Eagles I think it is WAY too early to consider trading Mike Anderson. Has Musa looked great...yes. But this guy has barely played in almost 2 years. Keeping Anderson as the #2 is still the way to go..esp when it looks like PJ Daniels might get cut.

    We know the Jets are looking for a RB, but if you make a trade it I think it needs to be for a starter that can contribute this year. I don't like the idea of trading a proven starter for a draft pick that could be a total bust.


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    Re: Trade Mike Anderson To The Jets

    We got Daniels in the 5th, think we could trade him for a 4th?

    As far as drafting goes, outside of the 1st round we do the best in the 4th.

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    Re: Trade Mike Anderson To The Jets

    It's way too early to talk about trading Mike Anderson. Now that we have been told Jamal will not play until the season begins. I not so sure Jamal is ready for the season. Yes Musa Smith is running great however let us take a step back and remember these games are practice and mean nothing. I would not send Anderson anywhere yet.


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