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    I believe the Ravens have more rookies starting than any other team in the NFL after looking at a recent article


    With any luck Chester will get into the mix as well (don't have a good feel for Pittman yet). Think we have made an upgrade on all 3 positions over time from Keomeatu, Demps and Zastudil -- hopefully it won't hurt us in the first few games.

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    Re: Rookies

    seems like each year they steal an undrafted gem or two. I was a little surprised Cory Ross made the team; at rb now they have Jamal, Musa, Anderson, Daniels (the draftee, I think that's his name) and Ross, who might end up as a special teams guy (#2 returner, gunner). there's a lot of talk about the two-year-window (probably why they got Trevor Pryce), but there is a fair amount of youth on the team.
    as for losing Keamu, the ESPN Mag ran a half-page article on how good he is and how much he'll help Carolina (another UFA, by the way). interesting difference in value; the Ravens felt he wasn't worth the $, the Panthers do.

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    Re: Rookies

    Pittman won't start over CMac and Rolle...period.

    The only chance for him to "start" is if he could win the nickel back role. Not sure who won that job this year, but I believe it was between him and Ivy. Prude won the dime back role.
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