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    Survey of Mock Drafts

    I am an addict, I got bored, so I went through about every mock draft I could find and this is what's happening for us...supposedly (ha)

    A number next to the name indicates the player was selected in more than 1 mock.

    I have the top 4 names in bolt for your viewing pleasure.

    Ben Grubbs G Auburn
    Tony Ugoh OT, Arkansas 2
    Michael Bush, RB Louisville 5
    Troy Smith, QB Ohio State 8
    Jarvis Moss DE/OLB Florida 2
    Joe Stanley OT Central Mich. 2
    Juston Blalock, G Texas 5
    Lamarr Woodley, OLB Michigan 2
    Colt Brennan, QB Hawaii (no longer in draft)
    Paul Posluszny, LB, Penn State
    Kenny Irons, RB Auburn 5
    Daymeion Hughes CB, California
    Robert Meachem, WR, Tennessee
    Drew Stanton, QB, Mich. State
    Quentin Moses, DE Georgia 2
    Fred Bennett, CB South Carolina
    Sam Baker, OT USC
    Levi Brown, OT Penn State
    Mkristo Bruce, DE Washington State

    It seems people are liking O-line, DE-OLB, and RB for us. Unless Troy Smith dazzles in the senior bowl and combine no way is he a 1st round pick. Probably early 3rd or late second. If the combine and senior bowl don't go well, he might be a 4th.

    I'm interested to hear what all of you think about these. Obviously, any hack with a computer can make a mock, but oftentimes they can be close (eg Mark Clayton showed up the most the year he was picked, as did Ngata)

    So any of Blalock, Michael Bush, Kenny Irons....I'd be pleased with any of those three. In Oz we trust

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    Re: Survey of Mock Drafts

    I'm definitely beginning to feel that running back is where we'll go in the first round. Kenny Irons is a definite possibility, especially if we brought back Jamal and/or Mike Anderson to share carries; Bush is too similar to Jamal for the team to want him unless he's outright replacing Jamal.

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    Re: Survey of Mock Drafts

    Troy Smith would be a good option. One bowl game where the OSU OL got completely dominated shouldn't drop his stock all that much IMO. We'll see how the workouts go, but his performance on the field has been great all year except one game. He's a replica of McNair, so having him here with McNair to tutor him I think would be nice.

    I'd love to see Poz here as well. He'd be a beast on this D, and would be a terrific replacement for Ray when he's ready to retire. He was an incredible leader for the PSU defense.

    - C -

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    Re: Survey of Mock Drafts

    We need a running back. I think Jamal with the big contract will be gone before end of February. Then draft offensive lineman. JO may leave and others are getting older.

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    Re: Survey of Mock Drafts

    The only thing Bush and Jamal have in common is their weight IMO.

    Bush is a bit leaner than Jamal (6'3" 245-250), is faster, and can catch much better. Bush sucks at blocking, but is a very good receiver, and all around phenomenal athlete.

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    Re: Survey of Mock Drafts

    Reading Preston's blog, Ogden may use his influence (or his decision to retire) as leverage in making sure "his people" (Flynn and Mulitalo) return. AD was not mentioned in the blog, but maybe AD is one of Ogden's "peoples" as well.
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    Re: Survey of Mock Drafts

    Troy Smith won't be a round 1 pick...Round 2 would be a reach, but I would take him there...

    Our 1st rounder should either be a RB or a OT. Chester and Brown are our futures at C and G, Pashos can lock down RT for a few more years. We should get a guy who can play either side, that way they either become Pashos' successor or bump Terry from the left side.
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    Re: Survey of Mock Drafts

    Yeah, I definitely agree with Sports Steve...we need a RB day 1. Jamal's leaving (or at least should be)...musa should go as well, he can't stay healthy.

    We've got mike anderson who we need to absolutely need to keep, then grab a guy early. Bush or Irons would be great (Bush esp if the hands are as advertised).

    Anderson is the consumate professional, guy never played and still did well when given the chance and can pass protect. Hopefully he can help teach the new guy

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    Re: Survey of Mock Drafts

    RB should never be considered for a guy who can't be an LDT/LJ type of back, at least not high. If there's one thing that's been proven, it's that RB is almost interchangeable. Taking one in the first round would be a waste of value...

    Troy Smith, unless he underperforms at the combine, won't last to our second round pick. He had one bad game. By the time the draft comes around, people will remember all the other terrific games he's had, and his stock will push him up to late-first / early-second which is where he should be.

    One game should never break a player's back like that, just like one workout should never launch a player's status. Dropping Smith from a late first round projection to an early second day projection just cause of the Florida game (where he was running for his life all day) is about akin to Boller's stock going from a 3rd or 4th rounder to a mid-first on the basis of his workouts. We all remember how well that worked out.

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