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    Issue of Al Gore demonstrates GOP hyprocrisy

    Its hard to find the soul of the GOP these days. It seems that their only agenda is to tear down the Obama Admin.

    Dilute the stimulus bill against the advice of Nobel prize winning economists so there can be no economic recovery;

    Dilute the Health reform in the face of knowledge that american companies can't compete in a world-wide market when they are forced to pay health insurance bills for well as the knowledge that health insurance is the leading contributer to deficit spending;

    Dilute the clean energy bill when there is clear evidence that burning of fossil fuels is at least causing increased pollution leading to an increase in "code red" health days during the summer if not larger scale global climate disturbances.

    This is the soul of the GOP these days. Mark sanford can't even STFU about his teenage romance or "love story" long enough to figure out that he should just buy another airline ticket and just be gone with his pseudo-libertarian self.

    But what is maybe most hypocritical about the Grand Old Poop these days is the backlash against Al Gore.

    God forbid if the guy makes a freakin' dollar these days! I mean c'mon that would be the antithesis of socialism right? wait...oh yeah, the GOP is against socialim right? So why the gripe about Gore making some cash off of green technology? Hmmmmm...more things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmm.


    Al Gore is on the cutting edge of what will soon be the newest economic bubble in the U.S.. "Green Technology". But here is why the bubble will be different than the bubble or the housing bubble. There will be no negative side effects other than cleaner fuel, less foreign dependency, less pollution, more glaciers, Wow...sounds like good stuff to me. Really what is the downfall? Listening?

    Al Gore has the insight. Don't get me wrong as I am not in the bag for Gore but seems like he is on to something here. A true capitalist making a dollar in the american style - innovation. And he is wrong because of what???

    So the GOP has to figure out what they are against here. Are they for innovation that propels our economy forward or are they going to continue to cry out their tired Joe the Plumber socialist b.s. while it appears Al Gore is leading the next wave of economic potential.

    Quick someone start posting heritage foundation talking points.

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    Re: Issue of Al Gore demonstrates GOP hyprocrisy

    Lets see the Democrats control congress but the Republicans thrashed the bill, hmm how bout a fact check. Can you say Nancy Pelosi


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