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    Ravens Fans,

    Our 2009 packages are on sale at and we are filling fast for our two great trips.

    We have over 100 people already signed up for San Diego and over 40 for Green Bay. For more information, please log onto our website or call us at 410-303-8744.

    Go Ravens!!


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    Re: 2009 Packages

    These trips are so over priced. Im going to SD for less than half the price. and have done Miami the past 2 seasons for around $500 which was several hundred dollars less than what they were offering.

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    Re: 2009 Packages

    I just wanted to address one thing with the last poster who seems to put down what we are doing. I see that you can book your trip and save yourself some money and truth be told, I am happy that you are going to the game. First and foremost I am a Ravens fan and I don't really care how you get to the game, I just care that you go out there to support the team. I do these trips to cover my cost of going to the game as I am one of the biggest fans around.

    With that said, I am offended by your previous posts that our packages are a rip-off. They include top-notch accommodations at the city's finest hotel for four nights, as we feel that it is worth the money to stay at this hotel as being in the heart of the city truly enhances the vacation. We host an all you can drink cocktail party the night before the game. We also provide round trip transportation to/from the game and to/from the tailgate/game, and save you from the hassle of public transportation or renting a car and trying to find parking. Obviously I see where you can save some money doing the trip on your own. However, the price we pay to secure a great group tailgate and lower level group tickets along with the other benefits of going with the group and having someone else organize everything is truly a good deal.

    Again, I am happy that you chose to go to the game and that you can arrange your own plans, but while that may be best for you, other may enjoy the experience we provide and see the value in our packages. I ask you to refrain from putting down the service we are providing. If it's not for you I understand, but please don't try to discourage others from joining our group.

    If you want to privately PM me to discuss this further I am welcome to talk, but can we please try and keep it off the boards...

    Thank You and Go Ravens!!



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