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    Conservatives easily disgusted

    In a recent study;

    In one of the new studies, Cornell University psychology professor David Pizarro and colleagues surveyed 181 U.S. adults from politically mixed swing states. They used a Disgust Sensitivity Scale (DSS), which offers various scenarios to assess disgust sensitivity, as well as a political ideology scale. They found a correlation between being more easily disgusted and political conservatism.

    Then they surveyed 91 Cornell undergraduates with the DSS, as well as with questions about their positions on issues including gay marriage, abortion, gun control, labor unions, tax cuts and affirmative action. Participants who rated higher in disgust sensitivity were more likely to oppose gay marriage and abortion, issues that are related to notions of morality or purity.

    The results are detailed in the journal Cognition & Emotion.

    In a separate study in the current issue of the journal Emotion, Pizarro and colleagues found a link between higher disgust sensitivity and disapproval of gays and lesbians. In this research, they used implicit measures, which assess attitudes people may be unwilling to report explicitly or that they may not even know they possess.


    Liberals and conservatives disagree about whether disgust has a valid place in making moral judgments, Pizarro argues. Some conservatives think there is inherent wisdom in repugnance, that feeling disgusted about something - gay sex between consenting adults, for example - is cause enough to judge it wrong or immoral, even lacking a concrete reason, Pizarro explains. Liberals tend to disagree, and are more likely to base judgments on whether an action or a thing causes actual harm, he said.

    and finally;

    Research published in 2007 in the Journal of Applied Psychology found that people who think of themselves as having high moral standards often become the worst cheats because they pursue what they believe to be a moral end at all cost

    I always wonderd why I feel so disgusted listening to consevatives. Now I understand that it is a simple case of countertransference ;)

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    Re: Conservatives easily disgusted

    just to quickly correct many mistakes in your rant:

    Gas that was $1.54 at Christmas is now $2.49. OPEC is predicting $3 and very soon.
    rising gas is simply a product of incresing demand in the economy

    And even more people will become angrier like when my nephew who is in the 9th grade becomes an engineer in about 10 years and is making $70Gs per year but ends up with only $20Gs because he is paying off the deficit OBY THE COMMIE created - over $2T added in 3 mos and climbing.
    fine but just include Reagan and Bush in that debt equation

    The President has never been the Prez of GM. He has never run the automotive industry.
    Obama is not running the automotive industry.

    This president now owns most of the banks, all of the automotive industry and watch him take over the news paper industry which is also failing.
    Obama does not own most of the banks in america

    Guess who will control what we watch and hear?
    in your world that would be rupert murdoch

    Thats right - OBY THE COMMIE who is in the Middle East reporting to the home office saying the US is the largest Muslim Country in the world.
    Obama said the u.s. is ONE of the world's largest muslim countries - which it is. the rest is just a hannity lie.

    It is still a Christian nation or most Americans according to lates t polls think of themsleves as Christians - not Muslims.
    isn't really all the same god????

    A facist racist is being appointed to the Supreme Court.
    says who? Gingrich? He took that comment back. Even your hero Limpball is considering supporting her. Stay up on the news Trap.

    And I havent even touched the surface yet.
    thats a scary thought.

    No place to go but up
    I agree here...thank god we have the right guy at the helm!

    Also...not to disppoint but you really missed the point of the post to begin with but I am sure that surprises no one.


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