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Thread: Green Bay trip

  1. Green Bay trip

    Just wanted to let other Ravens Fans I booked my whole trip to Green Bay already, Flying in Saturday and leaving Tuesday. We are in Section 105. Got 8 of us going. Hope to meet up with other Ravens fans in Sat and Sun night in the bars. See ya there!

    p.s. if you are coming on your own and are looking for a tailgate, has an all you can eat and drink for $27. Thats where we will be!
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  2. Re: Green Bay trip

    If anyone going to Green Bay is doing their own thing instead of an organized trip, ive got some good parking info.

    We are attending the Brett Favre all you can eat/drink tailgate and found this place that offers parking for $25. they have a few lots you can choose from depending where you are hanging out:

    I ordered from this place and got them in the mail a few days later.
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    Re: Green Bay trip

    I will be there too and I think I am in Sec 113. I am tempted to do that pregame tailgate party where you set the link to. I am looking forward to this game a lot although I may not be too keen on the weather. Hopefully it will be dry out, but anything is possible that time of the year and it could very well be a Frozen Tundra game. We can exchange cell numbers as the game gets closer or you can send me a IM here on this site.

  4. Re: Green Bay trip

    Cool, i sent you IM, as the game gets nearer im sure more people will post and we can xchange cell #'s to meet up.
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    Re: Green Bay trip

    I may have one extra ticket for the game and the seats are pretty good, Section 113 Row 14 behind the Ravens bench. If anyone is interested please PM here and I'll try to work something out. Thanks!

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    Re: Green Bay trip

    I have a group of 12 orgainized for GB! We are super excited! We are going to have a big van and I have a local connect so we are going to have our own tailgate party/keg. I would love to arrange for us all to find a bar to meet up at in GB on Sunday night. A drunk pep rally if you will... Let me know if you all are interested!! go Ravens

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    We got a 12 passenger van too (where did you rent thru?) You should get tickets to the organized tailgate i posted above, all you can eat and drink and dont have to worry about returning the keg etc.

    Yeah Sunday and or sunday night to watch the nfl games, the Stadium View right by Lambeau is suppose to be nice as is Titletown Brewery.
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    Re: Green Bay trip

    The tailgate that you all are talking about sounds awesome...but we are pretty committed to being in a parking lot in the midde of the die hard packers fans! maybe you all will be able to drop by for a keg stand?!! :)
    I think we are renting a 15passenger van through hertz? not sure but we are actually flying into Chicago midway and driving to GB. I'm told it's a 2.5hr drive.

    Anyway this is a side note but I am having a huge food drive/tailgate party on Oct 11th-bengals game. Most of the people going to the GB game will be there so if you and any of your crew would like to cruise over for a pre GB intro we will also have a keg. We tailgate in a church lot about two blocks behind staples......
    let me know and i can give you more specifics!
    Go Ravens!

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    Re: Green Bay trip

    Looks like I just got in on a group of 8 for the Green Bay trip. We're getting a van and driving out Saturday - home Tuesday.

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    Re: Green Bay trip

    Just got tickets in Sec. 101, I'll be there with my Packers fan friend.


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    Re: Green Bay trip

    So where is a good place to meet for Raven's fans?

  12. Re: Green Bay trip

    The 2 big sports bars there are Stadium View and Titletown Brewery. Im thinking Stadium View to meet sunday night to party and watch the sunday night game. Once i find out more ill post it here.
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