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Thread: Final cuts made

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    Re: Final cuts made

    There were two cuts today that I found intresting. Reggie McNeil, the QB turned WR drafted by the Bengals, and Omar Jacobs who Luker has already mentioned.

    Most people on the old board thought that Jacobs would have been a good second day draft pick and I hope the Ravens bring him in for a look-see.

    I just like McNeil because the lad can flat out fly. 6'2 220# receivers with 4.3 speed don't come around all that often.

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    Re: Final cuts made

    was Jacobs cut? We should bring him in!

    I'm kind've sad Winborne was cut, do you think one of our 7 CBs play safety too?

    I am glad that Derrick Martin made the cut. I think he'll prove to be a good CB in time.

    Also, I think we need to make moves to bring a 3rd QB in and an extra OL. Our depth at C and G is now just two OL. The resulting roster moves I would make for these would be cutting Oglesby and Ross...though I want Ross on the P Sq.
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    I love the fact that they kept only 2 qb's. The other two show absolutely nothing during preseason. In fact, they plain out sucked. But, what I really liked was the fact that they kept Darling, Moore, and the rookie. And I like the running backs. Why would they keep any more OL players then what they minimally need. To tell you the truth, if they could keep less, it was probably given consideration. I'm sure they think they can pick up better talent from other teams.

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    Re: Final cuts made

    I can't see the Ravens staying with just two (2) QB's. Think they are reviewing other teams to see if they can pick up another.

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    Re: Final cuts made

    I believe that St. Pierre will be back after clearing waivers. There's no one else out there worth signing to teach the playbook. I don't think Olsen is NFL material, but he wind up back on the taxi squad.

    I'd give Hensen a look in the offseason.


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