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    Ravens final cuts made

    From the front page and the Sun. Some surprises. Only 2 QB's but 7 DB's? And you cut R Green yesterday and D Haley today? That makes no sense. It will be interesting to see which QB makes the practice squad. Ross and P J Daniels making the roster is also a surprise.
    The Steelers: Still looking for a legit Super Bowl victory.

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    Re: Ravens final cuts made

    Tim Johnson could be signed back because he has been in the NFL for 4 years, so by cutting him now we would not get the full cap hit for the season. By signing him back after Week 1 we would only be on the hook for the pro rated portion of his salary (if we cut him again)....The Raiders might be doing this with Jeff George.

    We did the same in 2002 with Sam Gash, and we also did in 2004 (the players name escapes me), but it was involved in the Gerome Sapp snafu. Not sure we have many guys that fall into this category but it is something to consider.

    *The clause deals with 4 accrued seasons, not sure what exactly qualifies as a accrued season.


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