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    Re: April '09 - Wall Street's best month in 9 years

    Quote Originally Posted by Dade View Post
    I see what your saying but it isn't as easy as that sometimes. My cousin lives in SE DC, has for his entire laugh. My aunt (his mom) was a coke head and never around, and Lord only knows where his dad was. He's the oldest of 5. When my aunt would disappear for months it was up to him to take care of his sisters and brothers. He dropped out of middle school and has been working 2-3 jobs since. The youngest sibling just graduated high school in '05. My cousin is now 33 years old, works 2 minimum wage jobs and lives in the same shack. How is he supposed to escape this poverty? On the other hand his four siblings all graduated high school, 2 are in the military and the others are in community college.
    Aren't you backing up his claim with this statement? Seems to me that they are making their life better by what they are doing but the oldest one is stuck because he helped raise them first and is having a tough time trying to get out of his "rut"?

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    Re: April '09 - Wall Street's best month in 9 years

    Quote Originally Posted by Greg View Post
    Well, that was sure a nice change of direction.

    You indicated poverty caused crime, it doesn't.

    Poverty doesn't cause poor behavior, poor behavior causes poverty.
    No, you have twisted my words to suit your agenda. I simply said that crime rates went up at the beginning of the great depression, and went down drastically when the New Deal Programs were started... That seems like a relatively simple concept. one that you are evidently having comprehension problems with. I'm not talking about crime overall, organized crime and stock market fraud, etc. I'm talking about crimes that people who cannot feed their families commit. Wherever you get your information from must be the same place you get your politics from.
    This is not a social comment, or an argument about society as a whole... it's a truth that happened... had nothing to do with sustained poverty, social mores ...... I was defending spending as a way to alleviate pain inflicted on mainstream America from the unchecked, greedy free market system that collapsed on us because of the aforementioned greed and lack of regulation, which when it fails, causes the most pain to the workaday Americans. This is a byproduct of that unchecked, greedy free market system, and regular folk are just supposed to sit idly by, and float along like so much flotsam and jetsam?... and say Thank you sir, may I have some more? Remember we are ALL entitled to the pursuit of happiness, not just the privileged... Not everyone is an entroupeneur, not every one can be. Our economy would not survive. There have got to be grunts... And those grunts, who enable we owners to profit should NOT be ignored or swept under the carpet... The economy collapses and they are the first to go hungry... because they commited the unpardonable sin of working for a living?.... Do ALL conservatives have this much compassion?


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