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    comments on Obama's 100

    NY Times:

    The list of failed policies and urgent threats bequeathed to him by former President George W. Bush could easily be that long. In his first 14 weeks plus two days, President Obama has made a strong start at addressing many of the most critical ones.

    Son of Conservative icon William Buckley, Christopher Buckley:

    ... I am delighted, overall, with our president’s first 100 days. I think he has struck a fine tone overseas (trans: the U.S. is less detested than it has been in recent years). He has exhibited the "first-class temperament" that persuaded me he was the man for the job. He is, as I called him last October, "one cool cat" ... On the minus side, I think his waffling over prosecuting Bush Justice Department officials for approving the enhanced interrogation methods (trans: "torture") is detrimental and even dangerous.

    Peter King:

    I'm saying this now as a Republican: I think he's done surprisingly well on issues like Iraq and Afghanistan, where he has stood up to the left wing of his party ... As far as dealings with Congress, he's done very well. When he came and met with the Republicans, for example, it is helpful to him in the long run ... The fact that he established some relations earlier is going to make it possible for him to get better results.

    Politico Mike Allen:

    President Barack Obama has one indisputable accomplishment as he nears the fabled 100-day mark: Republicans remain baffled about how to combat him.

    Wall Street Journal:

    Indeed, if the first 100 days of President Obama's term have proved anything, it is that he is a hard man to classify. He has confounded, at one time or another, people at just about every spot across the political spectrum. He likes big and activist government, but he isn't a classic liberal. He is more of a social engineer than a guardian of the old welfare state.

    and of course a bit of the wingnuttery from NRO:

    He moved very quickly to throw off the slightest restraints on abortion, and to make embryonic-stem-cell research a free-for-all. He evinced not the slightest moral qualm ... It is in the realm of his foreign-policy gestures that Obama has seemed most like that Marxist grad student: ... His soul-brother shakes and grins with Chávez ... His constant, unseemly, unmanly denigration of Bush.


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    Re: comments on Obama's 100

    His constant, unseemly, unmanly denigration of Bush.
    It's unmanly to say Bush was a COMPLETE moron?

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    Re: comments on Obama's 100

    Quote Originally Posted by TRAP View Post
    I found this over on freepers. A lot to worry about including OBYs promise to legalize up to 20M illegal immigrants despite the fact that 70% of the population is vs it.

    Also, preachers wont be able to peach Bible verses vs homosexuality.


    Here are just some of the "changes" that his Election Day supporters -- which reportedly included millions of professed Christians -- can revel in as a result of his first 100 days in office:

    • President Obama signed an executive order that effectively provides federal taxpayer funding of abortions worldwide.
    • Obama's U.S. State Department has officially eliminated the phrase "war on terror" from their lexicon, electing instead to refer to those efforts as "overseas contingency operations." They don't want to offend anyone including our enemies.
    • During a recent overseas diplomatic trip, Obama chose not to verbally defend his own country when longtime Marxist Daniel Ortega launched into a 45-minute tirade against the U.S.
    • The $787-billion Obama "stimulus" package was passed without the majority of legislators even reading the bill. The administration is virtually ignoring the huge, escalating debt problems ($1.2 trillion for the next 12 months) we now face.
    • Obama's Department of Homeland Security labeled pro-life advocates and Second Amendment defenders as "rightwing extremists" in a nine-page report. That report was disseminated to law enforcement representatives all over the country just prior to the April 15 "TEA party" demonstrations that took place in more than 800 cities across America.
    • President Obama nominated David Ogden to the #2 position at the Department of Justice. Ogden has a long history as a legal advocate for the porn industry. How does this appointment help the American family?
    • President Obama's Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner admitted during his Senate confirmation hearings that he owed back taxes in excess of $100,000. Ironically, Geithner is now in charge of the Internal Revenue Service.
    • Obama's administration has deepened the federal government's involvement in independent companies (like AIG, Bank of America, GM, and Chrysler to name a few). For the first time in my lifetime, an American president has ordered the CEO (General Motor's Rick Wagoner) of a private corporation to be removed. Instead of allowing the automaker to go bankrupt, the federal government has permitted auto unions (a longtime Democratic Party ally) to now have a strong representation on GM's board.
    • Obama had said he wants to create a $634 billion fund to pay for healthcare reforms. The end result will allow the federal government to be the predominant player in 17 percent of the nation's healthcare industry.
    • Since he moved into the White House, Barack Obama has expressed interest in a cap-and-trade system to control carbon emissions and raise revenues (i.e., tax increases). House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) says "cap-and-trade is code for increasing taxes, killing American jobs, and raising energy costs."
    • As president, Obama has told his supporters that he will fight for passage of an amnesty bill that will give a passage to citizenship for anywhere from 12 to 20 million illegal immigrants -- despite polling data that tell us more than 70 percent of Americans disapprove of such a policy. This couldn't come at a worse time with government social assistance programs (food stamps, Social Security, Medicare, welfare, unemployment aid, federal housing programs, etc.) being pushed to the limit.
    • Democratic leadership, in concert with the White House, is currently working on passing "hate crimes" legislation (H.R. 1913). This bill seriously jeopardizes religious freedom of speech in America. A pastor's sermon on the issue of sexual orientation, for example, could be considered "hate speech" under the already-passed House version of the bill -- and prosecutable under federal law.

    Those of us in the faith community should be worried about where our country is now headed. And if you are among the professed Christians who voted for Barack Obama in November, you should realize by now that this might not be the "change" you were hoping for. The future of our beloved country is now at stake.
    The future of right-wing nut cases is now at stake.


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