Ok that's it. You guys were right, I should have been been knocking on the trailer park doors instead this past fall.

First Obama bows to the Saudi saying the sand negros are all of equal if not greater value than us American people.

Next he shakes hand with some latin american wet back saying that the spanish speaking are as good as us native speaking english american. say what???

I mean that alone kills decades of good old fashioned american hegemony. What is this guy thinking? I mean really we are sooooo much better than all of the rest of these people.

BUT the final straw...Obama shook the hand of a dog. yeah..for real. This is no conservative lilly-white rant...I mean this is unacceptable. check it out:

I think he even bowed.

the next thing you know there will be some uprising in the canine community telling us they are as good as us. Imagine this dog will show this photo to every other dog in the world and the next thing you know they will ask to be treated humanely...as a human...gasp! they might even be asked to be treated like an american! No way..out with Obama! Bring me the trailer park queen. At least she know how special it is to be an american and will never lower herself to bow or even touch (GASP!) one of these lower forms of life.