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1. Folks need to get over this thing of trying to create another Cal Ripken. In other words, because Tex is from Maryland, a lot of person are clamouring to get this guy.

2. I would not trade Tejada for Tex. That would be a downgrade. Tejada is a better all around player and at a crucial position: SS.

3. I would trade Erik Bedard and a prospect like Reimold for Texieria. Bedard is overrated and always pitches well in one streak before reverting back to his inconsistency.

I would trade Bedard, Loewen or Penn, Reimold, and Olson (Bruce Chen, Jr.) for Tex. I would then sign Carlos Lee via FA and a pitcher such as Jason Schmidt. You gain these players and still keep Tejada, and now you have a competitive team.

That said, the Orioles brass is not smart enough to pull this off. They'd spend all offseason trying to pettle Rodrigo Lopez to Tex and blow the deal, while at the same time, failing to work on any other deals.