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    Texas shaping up as battleground

    Looks like the Texas might be the battleground for just how much crazy talk is acceptable from the right. With Gov. Perry stoking the extreme right tempest with talks of secession;

    "My hope is that America, and Washington in particular, pays attention. We've got a great union. There's absolutely no reason to dissolve it. But if Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people, you know, who knows what might come out of that?"

    Even the idea of Texas seceding has become a fevered cry from the right.

    Seeking to bring down the rethoric, Senator Ellis;

    "It was only 12 years ago that Texas had a deadly stand-off with those urging secession. Governor Bush stood up to those fringe elements. I urge Governor Perry to ramp down the rhetoric and state unequivocally -- as Governor Bush did in the 1990s -- that secession is not only not an option, it isn't going to be part of the political discussion"

    Ellis then spoke about what many on the side of reason are scratching their heads about when it comes to the Tea Parties;

    "The timing and focus of this talk doesn't make much sense," said Ellis. "Since 2001, the Texas budget has increased by 62 percent. The budget we are now working on includes $65 billion from the federal government. We didnít hear about the oppressive hand of the federal government when we asked for hurricane and wildfire relief and, we didn't hear these complaints when we took money for transportation and education and health care. We didn't hear about it for eight years of exploding federal budget deficits, so why now?"

    I really think the back and forth between these two guys sums up rather succinctly the current state of political affairs in this country.

    On one side there is this over-the-top outrageous rethoric which includes everything from increased taxes (not), huge spending (yeah but so has been the case for a while now but no one cared), tyranny (actually that was a democratic election guys), all of the 'isms (of which no one can explain when asked), etc etc etc....

    All of this is followed by an even keeled response that makes complete sense but sense doesn't seem to fit in too well with ideology these days.

    Anyway, this back and forth in Texas might begin to define what is acceptable for public rethoric and what is simply asinine.

    "I understand that the governor has a difficult political race on his hands, but that is no excuse to whip up this type of frenzy among people who are already worried about keeping their job or a roof over their heads," said Ellis.

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    Re: Texas shaping up as battleground

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! We're not getting our way so we are taking our ball and going home. The majority rules unless it isn't what I(we) want.This country suffered through "Texas' own" tryant, and I didn't hear any other states threatening to secede.. Now that Texans aren't in charge they want out? Incredibly childish!!!


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