BJ Sams - New - We learned just how valuable Sams was to us, he deserves the 2nd level tender.

Brian Rimpf - Low - Rimpf is a valuable guard, but he probably won't command a contract on the market.

Devard Darling - Non-tendered - Doesn't fit into our plans when he can't beat out Clarence Moore

Clarence Moore - Low - Should be non-tendered, but the coaches love his height.


Adalius Thomas - Franchise - After you use the tag, start working 24-7 on a new contract

Tony Pashos - Re-sign - All of us who dished Pashos, we admit we were wrong. He's no franchise T, but he's good and he's the best option we've got. Lock him up for 3 years.

Jarret Johnson - re-sign - JJ is a versatile, tough nosed player. Bring him back for cheap

Ovie Mughelli - re-sign - proved his worth this year

Aubrayo Franklin - bye bye

Musa Smith - re-sign - Sign Musa to a 1 or 2 year deal, let's see if he can get on the field and prove himself.

Gerome Sapp - bye bye - Dawan is doing fine, we don't need him anymore

Tim Johnson - re-sign for vet min - Tim Johnson did nothing, but we'll bring him back in for a look during TC

Nick Luchey - re-sign for vet min - Look at during TC

Alex Bannister - ? - Probably be brought back for TC?