Those who don't trust their own instincts are those whom are most dependent on fact finding
It's been my experience that people who are to stupid or lazy to bother looking for the facts are those who are dependent on gut instinct.
It's easy to use facts any way you want to support your argument, no matter how wrong your answer might be.
Huh? Facts are always correct. That's why they're called facts.
Unfortunately this isn't math class. Their is no perfect formula for a right answer. There is simply a wrong answer and a right one.
So you can't prove it? Not really surprised.
The game of football gets overanalyzed. People like you are the biggest culprits.
Again, huh? Numbers are an important part of football. I blew out my knee and lost my speed. I couldn't play as a FB anymore so I bulked up and moved to the line. From a 4.6 40 to a 5.6 40. Those are numbers that don't lie.
You have absolutely no confidence in your instincts that you've completely betrayed any feelings you get while watching the games
Actually I use stats to prove what my gut tells me. I noticed the offense improved quite a bit during the Saints game. I noticed that we we're rolling the QB out and not giving the pass rush a stationary target. I proved it by going back and watching game film then I checked the stats to see about the stats.

You see, I don't like making unfounded statements. I think they only serve to make a person look foolish.

relying solely on your own hatred of some other part of the game or the players themselves
That's pretty hypocritical of you. Of course, given the type of... people... y'all are, that's not really a surprise.