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In the chaotic and bewildering dark forest of the Republican Party a reasonable voice has risen. This voice could be debated on interpretations of its principles but none the less, this voice seems like it might be safe and worthy of discourse.

I recently listened to a conservative speak for the first time in years and didnít get that burning feeling in my stomach that encouraged me to throw something at the source of the agitation...a shoe, a book whatever I could reach for and blister towards the T.V. or the radio...ending the drip...drip....drip torture of right wing hate propaganda. How refreshing it was! No, I didnít necessarily agree with it but I could live with it. My life could exist within the framework of leadership that has a respect for the constitution, respect for life, less (but still efficient) government and personal responsibility. These are principles, that with maybe some debate over interpretation, I can listen to and feel good and not feel like throwing things around! They donít scare me, they donít perplex me and they donít make me worry for the country with where I live.

Listen up 13 year old Jonathon Krohn! Here is your voice! No need to look further.

You see, Jonathonís voice is not one of;

Rush Limbaughís hoping for American failure....kinda like his three failed marriages, failed ability to counter his impulses with prescription pills or even whatever his failure might be represented in with his recent cache of Viagra;

Nor is Jonathonís voice one of bloody revolution like Sean "Calamity" Hannityís;

Nor is Jonathonís voice one that whines "victimhood" to the American public like Sarah Palinís did when America realized that she has never read anything deeper than Readerís Digest or USA Today;

Nor is his voice one of accusing Obama of wanting to be the Messiah when he never suggested such nor did anyone on the left but it was only, and continues to always be, Anne Coulter who seeks minimizing extraordinary potential by juxtaposing it with silly and inaccurate labels. Anyway Anne, your party is the one seeking Messiahís not mine;

Nor is Jonathonís voice one of exaggerated merit and the need to be Superman like Bobby Jindalís revised account of his on the spot heroics around Katrina...a true Republican oversight;

Nor is his voice one of Michael Steeleís who seems so pressed to get "jiggy" with his "bling-bling";

Nor is his voice one of crazed apocalyptic desires where we should all hoard kerosene in 50 gallon drums, store weapons in our attics and put steel bars on all of our windows because Glenn Beck sees the "End of Days";

Nor is Jonathonís voice one like Michelle Malkin resonating with a shrill as she poses for a cute candid photos standing next to guys holding swastika posters;

Nor is his voice billowing louder than many of the rest with Bill OíReillyís "vast left wing conspiracies";

Nor, finally, Jonathon Khronís voice is not one that believes, like Andrew Wilkowís, that his world is so small he "must be doing something right" if he is "pissing off the left"...that somehow that is noble living as also seems to be the small world visions of much of rightwing extreme talk radio gurus like Mark Levin, Mike Church, Brian & the Judge, etc.

No, 13 year old Jonathon Krohn makes sense from a conservative perspective. He talks of principles not hate, not failure, not anger and not lies. This is the voice that the Republicans need and it is 13 years old! How ironic is that?

So listen up conservatives your messiah has landed but pay attention because he is not loud and he is not billowing over with anger so he might not be noticed.

Put your toys down and play. Itís time to act your age. Your adolescent-like rage has just been trumped by a calm and steady adolescent voice.

Címon Anne stop playing with your hair and listen up...easy Glenn put down your can of Kerosene...huffing that is not a good thing...Michael take your hands of Rush, you donít have to do that for him attention boys and girls a 13 year old boy just spoke more sense in less than three minutes than all of you have spoken in the past 8 years.