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    Re: I'm convinced... its set-up!!

    Was it set up so Modell could have a Super Bowl victory?

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    Re: I'm convinced... its set-up!!

    Quote Originally Posted by STEELERS5XSB View Post
    "We want a bye week", "We want a Division Title", "We want the Colts in the playoffs" .............. ya got what ya asked for except for that trip to Miami.

    Way to represent the AFC North!
    What was your record this year after being "given" another Superbowl last year AND NOT EVEN MAKING IT TO THE PLAYOFFS THE NEXT YEAR!!!!! Talk about representing. Pathetic!!!

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    Re: I'm convinced... its set-up!!

    Quote Originally Posted by darb72 View Post
    There were two bad calls, and as usual they went against us, but they didn't cost us the game.
    Just out of curiosity, are you factoring in the toss Ed Reed made to CMac after his INT, that the refs blew dead, EVEN THOUGH ED WAS CLEARLY STILL IN BOUNDS BEFORE THE TOSS? You don't think CMac would have run that back a long way?

    GO RAVENS!!!


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