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    Re: If we cut McNair

    Quote Originally Posted by 4G63 View Post
    I agree about letting him would be counter-productive. As far as 25 yd passes, he's been able to do that when he had the time (see Steelers' away game). Another poster eluded to letting Neuheisel become OC....I think that would open things up for us.
    How would hiring Neuheisel open things up on offense. Rick would still run Billick's offense. That is unless Steve Bisciotti steps in and orders for Billick to let said OC run the offense, and I doubt Billick agrees to that.
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    Re: If we cut McNair

    We can't afford to let McNair go this off-season, but there needs to be an open competition.
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    Re: If we cut McNair

    Okay now that we have had 24 hours to settle down. You must realize that cutting McNair is not a smart decision. He brought us several W's this season we definitely would not have had a chance of getting without someone so poised in the pocket.
    I do believe that he has the arm strength to throw downfield, we haven't forgotten the pass in the KC game already have we?
    We need to improve the O-line in the off season, whether it is through free agency or the draft we need either a Left OG and a right OG or a Right OG and a center, depending upon where Jason Brown plays next year. I thought Adam Terry did a pretty decent job filling in for Ogden the last two games of the season, but after re-watching today Ogden's domination of Freeney it was clear to me that he DOES NOT NEED TO, SHOULD NOT, and I HOPE WILL NOT retire.
    We need an offensive coordinator and perhaps some redirection from the WR coach to call routes and plays that will enable us to get 1st downs. I grew so frustrated watching us run routes 3 yards shy of the 1st down marker - I used to think that was Fassel's fault cleary it was not. That needs to be rectified. Mason (while I don't support whining and throwing your teammates under the bus even your coach) had some good points about needing to open up the offense and allow deeper routes to be run. He needs to realize he has 2 other very talented receivers that he is sharing the catches with.
    I think that we need to cut our losses with Jamal, due to cap room, even Samari, so that we can hopefully sign AD and get another corner in FA or start Prude. Hear me out - Jamal had his good plays recently but not consistently. The only thing he did consistently this season was leave yards on the field that would have contributed to more points and possibly even another win or two ( Carolina game comes to mind). Jamal can't be blamed for yesterday, how could he, he only had 13 touches in the game and only 4 in the second half. We completely abandoned the run, which was having more success in the second quarter as we began wearing them down. Remember Indy was the WORST team defensively against the run and instead we decide to give it up. Unexcusable! I hope that Besciotti reads many of the articles in the SUN as well as those reports on this site before he enters into his final meeting with Billick this season and asks some tough questions and demands some answers. I can't see how he can explain away some of the play calls, decisions, or lack of intensity that we saw yesterday. How can an offense loaf up to the line when they need 2 scores? They played with NO SENSE OF URGENCY and that had to be addressed by Billick at the half, on the sideline, etc. But CLEARLY it was never addressed!!

    Time to start planning for the draft, I have already checked out the free aganets available.
    Here's a thought...we trade Jamal Lewis to the Texans for their 1st round pick - not this year, but next then we draft Darren MCFadden!!!
    Mike Anderson and Musa can handle the job for the next year or even two if he needs a year to get used to the system, that gives us explosiveness that we sadly did not see any of yesterday.

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    Re: If we cut McNair

    Quote Originally Posted by Big Meaty View Post
    1. Cutting McNair is ridiculous talk.
    2. Cutting McNair won't happen.
    3. We are just heartbroken today and are over-reacting

    Here are some stats for you to chew on. Since Billick took over the offense:

    - 8th ranked offense in the league – 341 ypg (ahead of Bengals, Pats, Packers)
    - 7th in the league in ppg – 24
    - 5th in the league in passing ypg – 247
    - 21st in the league in rushing ypg – 107
    - 1st in the league in time of possession – almost 34 min per game

    Ravens also shattered the franchise record for sacks allowed (17). The previous record was 35. That is McNair's presence in the pocket to minimize negative plays.

    And, as mentioned, he has the confidence of the defense, offensive line and the rest of the team. Most importantly, the chemistry in the locker room is positive and everyone believes in each other. One more year learning the offense will make a big difference. The reason the defense came back this year is because they had confidence in the offense, they fed off the offense and they were rested. McNair had a lot to do with the resurgence.

    Maybe this makes everyone a little less arrogant and a little more hungry. The window of opportunity for this group is closed after 2007 as the old timers will be moving on by 2008.

    McNair will be the QB next year and the Ravens will be competitive if they stay healthy. Very tough schedule though, and they will earn some frequent flyer miles with 3 west coast trips. Our boys will have to earn it next year. Regardless, McNair will be back and will be better than this year.
    I agree cutting him is not what we should do. However reading the posts today you would think he didn't do anything all year. We are hurt and I am also but we need to relax.

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    Re: If we cut McNair

    McNair will not be cut. Everyone needs to suck it up and stop whinin about the loss. I'm mad as all hell but sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. If it wasn't for Steve McNair, we wouldn't have been 13-3. He'll be back next year, and the RAVENS are gonna come back with a vengeance. I still believe in Steve.

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    Re: If we cut McNair

    We will not cut McNair, period. He brings many more intangibles even if he had a bad game. I thought the whole offensive scheme yesterday was out of last year's play book.

    Look, we had a good year, and both of the bye week teams lost. I hope the Patriots beat the Colts, again.

  7. Re: If we cut McNair

    Quote Originally Posted by Art-Florida View Post
    We have a cobra coiled up and ready to strike in the basement of the complex. The cobra's name is Neuheisel, and it is just waiting to be let out.
    Good point Art! As long as Neuheisel would run his system let him strike!! Do you think it would take a "thou salt" from Bisciotti to get Billick to give up on his "system" and let Neuheisel do what he wants?

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    Re: If we cut McNair

    Put down the pipe...McNair will NOT be cut. We need him to groom our next QB of the future (not Boller).
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    Re: If we cut McNair

    Quote Originally Posted by GREYREDSTAR View Post
    Good point Art! As long as Neuheisel would run his system let him strike!! Do you think it would take a "thou salt" from Bisciotti to get Billick to give up on his "system" and let Neuheisel do what he wants?
    Damned if I know, Star. How much BB leaned on Cavanaugh when he was here is unknown, but two things to remember:

    1. Big Kahuna is watching.
    2. Slick Rick just might be a match for Billick when it comes to domination over what gets called. Neither Cavanaugh or Fassel had a chance in that department.


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