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    Chapter XI - A new hope

    There will be a lot of old vets departing soon, but a crop of recruits are finishing their final terms in the Jedi academy.

    Cmac and (especially) Rolle are aging, but we have:
    The draft, and Ronnie Prude, and Derrick Martin progressing. Pittman may turn out to be a REAL sleeper.

    Ogden is nearing the end, but Terry is ready, and the draft offers help for some needed backups.

    Ray Lewis-old and AD may be departing. However Mike Smith can fill the middle and Suggs, JJ, and (maybe) Cody are capable.

    Tailback is a disater. Bye bye, Jamal. Help WANTED, though P.J. Daniels was drafted for a reason, I guess.

    Defensive end is troublesome. Pryce ages, and T.Suggs may be needed at linebacker. J. J. maybe? Edwards? Looks like a bust.

    Help me, Obi Wan Newsome, our best hope.

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    Re: Chapter XI - A new hope

    Despite yesterdays downer the 2006 draft class was tremendous. If the Raven 2007 draft class is anything like it the next few years will be great.

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    Re: Chapter XI - A new hope

    I don't expect Rolle or Jamal to be back. Rolle was awful this year. Jamal is not the same player as he was years ago. I want a RB that can hit the hole and not dance like Jamal.

    Suggs was a DE in college and maybe we put him back there full-time. Draft another LB.

    Our draft/FA needs for next season :

    1. RB - Maybe use Anderson/Daniels; Smith? We need more depth
    2. CB - Rolle is gone; does Pittman/Martin step up?
    3. KR - Sams is in legal troubles and hurt; Ross did nothing for us
    4. OL/DL/LB - Need some depth to replacing aging players like Ogden/Flynn/Pryce
    5. KO - Stover still is not cutting it on KOs.
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    Re: Chapter XI - A new hope

    First off, CMac isn't even CLOSE to being done. A 30YO CB like McAlister can go another 4 years without a problem.

    D-line is fine. Pryce is in good shape, Gregg should be OK, and we have great young depth behind him. Bannan, Frank the Tank, are solid and Ngata is amazing. Suggs is young, and so is Scott. Reed is fairly young, Landry is going to be a Pro Bowler, and our depth is good. Martin, Prude, and Pittman are all great young prospects. We just need a starter to replace Rolle. Also, Jarrett Johnson is going to be a good one.

    Our trenches on both sides of the ball are in great shape. The O-line needs another starter, but Terry, Brown, Chester, and Pashos are all money. Rimph is a great backup, Vincent has improved, and Ogden may stay around. A starter at RG will be needed, and a backup tackle will be needed.

    Luckily, Rb is an easily-fixed position. Plug a guy in behind our O-line next year and he'll do fine, especially is it's a blue-chip rook. Daniels may have promise, and MA is a good 3rd down back. Say bye-bye to injury prone Musa Smith, and say hello (hopefully) to a first day pick at RB.

    Turns out we have probably the best young FB in football in Mughelli, and our receiving corps is solid. I think Mason will be back, and Darling/Bannister will round out a strong set of receivers. We all know what Demetrius Williams is capable of; and that's scary.

    In this draft our priorities will be at RB, CB, LB, and OL. A young DE may be needed, but I wouldn't worry about that just yet. Depending on what happens in the draft, I think a QB could even be taken on the first day.

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    Re: Chapter XI - A new hope

    As long as we have Ozzie Superstar Newsome, this team is in good shape for the future. If he can find us a true QB for the future, we will be in GREAT shape.

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    Re: Chapter XI - A new hope

    It is apparent that alot of folks are still reactionary instead of thinking clearly.

    1. Rolle will be back. He's not going anywhere. We will draft a CB and start him at NB with an eventual transition to starter.

    2. Ray will be back unless he retires, and he does not sound like he will retire.

    3. Ogden could be gone after the season, but with the way the season ended, who knows?

    4. Jamal won't be back under his current deal, but will probably be restructured.

    5. We will probably extend Suggs this offseason.

    6. Pashos and Ovie will be back, and JJ may be back. AD won't be back as he is still bitter from us lowballing him the last time, and we can't afford AD.
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    Re: Chapter XI - A new hope

    I sure would hate to see AD leave. Of course, I hated to see Hartwell and Boulware leave, and we survived. D players who leave here never seem to find the same success elsewhere. But I STILL hope he STAYS.


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