I didn't get to see the game and would like to hear opinions on Ngata and the OL last night.

Preston's take on the OL is probably on the mark:
After a week of criticism, the Ravens' offensive line turned in a solid performance against the Redskins. There doesn't need to be judgment every week because the verdict is virtually in on this group.

When the Ravens play against a team that has a really good defensive line, they'll struggle and probably lose. Otherwise, they'll be competitive. The Ravens, though, won't wait for this unit to self-destruct like last season when they waited until late in the season before starting some young players. Second-year tackle Adam Terry and guard-center Jason Brown will play if center Mike Flynn, right guard Keydrick Vincent and right tackle Tony Pashos struggle.

There are some in the organization who believe Brown will replace Flynn or Vincent before the season is over.

As far as Pashos, Mikey says:
Defensive tackle Haloti Ngata, the team's top draft pick out of Oregon, the youngster has some work to do. He relies too much on power and allows offensive linemen to get into his body. He is slow and seldom penetrates. The potential is there, but this might be more of a project than the Ravens bargained for when they selected Ngata with the 12th overall pick. ...

Wasn't sure how to post a link on the new board, and I'm in a hurry. Preston does actually make some sense today in the Fishwrap.

Happy long weekend!