I would not be at all surprised to see Darling get more time in the third receiver spot than Williams, largely because Darling is nearing the end of his contract and we want to see what we can get out of him. Williams and Moore will probably see more action near the goal line, though their height may give them an edge over Darling, as Mason and Clayton are both pretty short, and Williams and Moore give us a contrast. We've got some time to let Williams develop, and I'm sure we'll see him on the field, but if we play Williams as a third wideout and Moore in red zone situations, Darling will never see the field, and we'll wind up losing him in a year or two after wasting a draft pick on him.

If, however, he gets out there and produces, that pick won't be a waste. But I don't see this team ever going more than three deep at receiver, because Todd Heap will always be on the field for crucial plays and I doubt we go with only five blockers... these five blockers, anyway. Only injury to a starter is going to get more playing time for these reserve WRs.