Anyone listen to this guy on Sirius or whereever else he is? Wow. I thought Hannity was the angriest from the wingnuttery...but this guy makes Hannity look like the soft, brillo-headed boy he probably was in elementary school.

This guy is the real deal for those of you who love to listen to serious, serious liberal bashing. I mean this guy gets it on. I was in the car the other day and my friend was talking about him as we were driving...I had never heard of him...he comes on around 1:00 in the afternoon. Anyway my friend made me a bet that he could turn to a station and the first word we heard would be "socialism" . on, I almost crashed. Its not even the socialism but the seething anger...the despise..the hatred. This guy is good.

I always accuse Hannity of being the type of kid that was always chosen last for the kickball team or rooms always became very quiet when he walked in type fella. This Wilcow guy...I don't know what his story is but he had to have had a miserable childhood...seriously.

You connies should check him out...he will reinforce every fear and worry you have about Obama a dozen times evey ten minutes...guaranteed.